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  2. Partners
We are proud of the long-term cooperation with our Partners and strive to build the sales system according to the world standards.
Partners of the Company are market leaders, manufacturers of the premium quality equipment and consumables.
The Company’s sales program allows offering the best solutions to equip laboratories of different profile and budget level. We also implement projects on technological re-equipment of high-tech enterprises in the field of chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical industry, precision engineering, and electronics.

Innovative equipment for microbiological laboratory: homogenizers, trademarkas, thinner samples, modules for dispensing environments.

Equipment for chemical analysis: chromatographs, spectrometers. Vacuum equipment: vacuum pumps, leak detectors.

Glass reactors for low-temperature synthesis, thin-film evaporators and molecular distillation systems, glass reactors designed to work under pressure.

Камеры соляного тумана, камеры циклической коррозии, атмосферные камеры.

Particle size analyzers, particle counters, capillary electrophoresis and supercentrifuges.

Climatic chambers, drying ovens, vacuum drying cabinet, incubators, thermostats, growth chambers, СО2 incubators

Оборудование для производства и анализа тонких пленок и тензиометров.

High-precision equipment for dispensing fluids — dispensers, burettes. Volumetric glassware and plastic dishes.

Оборудование для анализа: Фурье-спектрометры ближнего инфракрасного диапазона, спектрометры комбинационного рассеяния, спектрометры ядерного магнитного резонанса низкого разрешения.

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