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MILLAB Company is actively involved in social projects related to the education, health and social intellectual development support.

MILLAB Company strives to ensure its corporate citizenship to be the most targeted and meet the primary needs of the society.

The recipients of MILLAB social programs are children and young people, people in need of treatment and rehabilitation, and various educational organizations and intellectual development institutions.

Our activity

Компания «МИЛЛАБ» помогла юным спортсменам
Компания МИЛЛАБ приобрела спортивный инвентарь для футбольных школ города Ряжска.
Компания «МИЛЛАБ» помогает детскому хоспису
Детские хосписы облегчают жизнь малышам с неизлечимыми заболеваниями и делают все возможное, чтобы дети могли вести обычную жизнь.
Научный фестиваль — «День химии 2015»
Обучаться химии можно не только читая скучные учебники.
Pharmtech Tutor Educational Project
As part of the Pharmtech — 2013 exhibition, MILLAB participated in the Pharmtech Tutor Project focused on giving practical skills to pharmacy students. Thirty four students from 4 schools representing Yaroslavl pharmacy cluster had a mini internship at Pharmtech 2013 stands.
Book as Gift - Charitable Act
On November 20, a Universal Children's Day, MILLAB participated in a charitable act Book as a Gift held in Day Care Recovery Center No. 1158 (Moscow).
Chemistry Days in Novosibirsk
MILLAB representative office in Novosibirsk supports various social projects held by the institutes and universities of Akademgorodok.
A Chemist Day in St. Petersburg
MILLAB representative office in St. Petersburg sponsored a Chemist Day even held annually by St. Petersburg State University.
Illustrated Books for Small Blind Children
MILLAB has been an active participants of the Illustrated Books for Small Blind Children program for over 10 years.

MILLAB Company has an efficient communication system that allows open and prompt informing the outside audience and the Company's employees about the important aspects of its activities.

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